A Coalition Loyalty Project across 100+ Coffee Outlets in Colorado, USA!

A Coalition Loyalty


MiracleCartes bags an ambitious project in Colorado USA , to implement it’s iGainSpark Loyalty Platform across a group of independent Coffee shops in Coalition. This is a unique project undertaken by Alkwarm LLC , a Colorado based startup Company , who plans to bring together 100+ independent coffee shops in the city under a common coalition program . The idea is to offer not just real ‘good coffee’ but ‘much more’ to the coffee lovers of the city.

As per Alkwarm LLC’s founders, this project has 2 clear objectives viz. To win the confidence of the individual Coffee shops, who offer exquisite hot and cold coffee,  but are struggling to retain their one time loyal customers to the BIGGER  coffee shops and their chain.  Secondly, they find this program as an effective collaborative approach to fight the competition, survive and grow by offering not just good coffee but bundle it with other goodies to it’s customers. Alkwarm LLC plans to rope in 100+  merchants in the first 5-6 months.

For MiracleCartes, it is a very BIG opportunity to implement a loyalty project of this scale in the US!