About Us


Lifetime Customer - the lifeline of Business & Merchants- Not Identified and Nurtured!

Performance pressure, increasing competition, fragmented solutions offering too many complex things and marketing initiatives without clear focus increases the Cost of Customer Acquisition and Retention. Limited understanding of Loyalty coupled with no ‘right and simple’ strategy compromises to build the right bond between the merchants and customers.


A customer centric paradigm is needed to help merchants and businesses to identify and nurture the Profitable and Loyal customers. Merchants need to be free from the hassles of technology without the loss of performance. We put the Merchant’s focus on what matters the most - The Customers!


MiracleCartes’s iGainspark Platform is heralding a new era in Customer Engagement and Retention. Our CLOUD based Loyalty Platform with an option to use - either on SaaS or On-premise empowers the Business & Merchants to Engage & Enhance their relationship with their customers. Simple Key Customer indicators ,Easy to Configure Campaigns, Timely Targeted and trigger-based Offers and Survey ensure that there is Focus and Continuity and the right analysis. iGainSpark’s unique Gamification and Location Based notifications ensures that the Customers get hooked on with the Merchant’s.

By leveraging lightweight and secure technology, MiracleCartes enables ease and convenience on CLOUD and Mobile.

MiracleCartes (registered as Miracle Smart Card Pvt. Ltd.) began it's journey around 4.5 years back, in Pune - India . Today, we have a presence in India ... and through our overseas Business Partners, we have been able to create our footprint in USA, East Africa , West Africa and the Middle East. On our solution platform and the custom developed platform of our Partners, we have:

15 + Clients
610,000+ Customers enrolled in the Client's Loyalty Program
350,000+ Transactions of Customers
4,105,000+ Loyalty Points Earned and Redeemed