iGainspark is Customer Engagement Platform, a solution on CLOUD, ideally suited for a single Merchant or Group of Merchant, in a locality or region, who would like to Engage with their Customers to increase their footfall and build a strong loyal customer base resulting a WIN-WIN for both Customer and Merchants




On Cloud

The Merchants sign on a secure CLOUD, available 24X7. They only need an internet connection to access the application. The Customers too can view their transactions online or on a smartphone.

Rewards, Awards & Much More!

With 'No limit' to customer enrollments, the Merchants can award their customers with additional bonus points, automated points, vouchers etc. whenever the Customers shop at their place. 'Referral Mechanism' further assures high customer enrollments. 'Configurable Redemption' rule makes it easy for all the merchants in the coalition network.

Know your Customers!

A dashboard with key customer indicators help the Merchants to know their 'Happy and Lazy' customers. This helps the Merchants to switch gears in their Marketing Campaigns and Offers more effectively!

Customer Access On Website & Smartphone

Customers can participate in the Loyalty program and know about their points status from Merchants Loyalty Website or Smartphone ( Andriod and iOS) !

Games, Fun & More!

With features like Promo Code and Auction Bidding, the merchant can keep the customers hooked with them. Again a win-win for both customers and merchants!

'Offers' Follow Customers!

If the customers are within the near vicinity of the merchant outlets the customers will receive the latest offers that the merchants are currently running!

Social Media Integration

Improve Information sharing and Customer Experience further through Social Media integration with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin.

PoS Integration

With a seamless built-in integration component, the Merchant need not worry for double entry. All this without any additional investment in hardware or software.

Associate your Unique Customers

Plastic Cards/ Magnetic Swipe Cards/ Virtual Cards/ RFID Cards - We have all the options for the Merchants to choose from to identify their customers.