In March 2019, Pune based MiracleCartes (Miracle Smart Card Pvt. Ltd.), a solutions accelerator, with focus in Customer Retention and Engagement ( Loyalty) , signed up a Business Collaboration agreement with ASA Ventures (ASA), Dubai.

ASA Ventures is a hybrid venture capital firm based in Dubai. Their unique investment philosophy and in-house expertise help technology companies to enter new regions and market in the chosen area of business. As per the business agreement, MiracleCartes will act as technology partner for ASA ventures, wherein ASA would utilize the services of MiracleCartes for all Loyalty related opportunities in UAE , Mauritius , Africa and more.

MiracleCartes considers this partnership as a big impetus to venture in new un-explored regions. They feel that ASA Venture's market know-how, network and expertise combined with MiracleCartes's solution expertise will propel new opportunities for both.