e-Start,a Leading Direct Marketing Company, based in Doha, Qatar, specializes in consulting and implementing customized marketing programs for small to medium enterprises.

Mr. Moez, CEO of the company, opines that iGainSpark solution will be a key arsenal of their marketing program portfolio for different retail clients. He feels customer engagement platform is a need of an hour for these retail clients who are constantly challenged to attract and retain customers.

As per Mr. Moez, there are many Mid-sized Shopping malls / Chain of merhcants in the region who would definitely benefit by implementing coalition loyalty programs. These programs will help the Merchants in those region to build a strong and loyal customer base locally. Well, there is already some interest generated from his region and hence he is optimistic that they will be able to make a difference to their clients in the next few months itself!

MiracleCartes is previliged to be associated with eStart and this association is result of their key marketing startegy to take their solution in the GCC region. All the Best - MiracleCartes and eStart !