iGainSpark Platform

The iGainSpark Solution, is a secure Omni-Channel Loyalty Platform which enables Business to identify and engage with it’s customers in a manner which is:

End to End

With right mix of Specialized and Complementary features.


Contextual and Timely experience for Customers.


Cohort analysis, NPS for Survey and other analytics facilitate right insights for Business Owners.


Easy to configure , handy APIs (85+) for smooth integration and a stitch fix approach.

iGainSpark Features

Every Business gets a crisp and snappy Loyalty Portal designed as per their business. This is the window for the business owner , the merchandizing partner and it’s customers for the loyalty application. Information about the Program – the How and What is articulated well here.

A dashboard with key customer indicators help the Business know their 'Happy and Worry' customers. Business owners can check the customer’s Tier movement. Segmentation helps to get a more better view of Customers!

iGainSpark Features
iGainSpark Features

Merchants can award their customers with additional bonus points or automated points based on campaigns which they can configure easily.

The Online Purchase Catalogue and the Redemption Catalogue in the Portal and the APP makes it an exciting place for Customers to purchase, gain and redeem more Rewards!

With features like Promo Code and Auction Bidding, the merchant can keep the customers hooked with them. Again a win-win for both customers and merchants!

iGainSpark Features
iGainSpark Features

If the customers are within the near vicinity of the merchant outlets the customers will receive the latest offers that the merchants are currently running!

Improve Information sharing and Customer Experience further through Social Media integration with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.

iGainSpark Features
iGainSpark Features

Notifications sent when transacting with Program as well as automated ones sent on Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, Newsletter ( Weekly , Monthly, Quarterly etc.) ensure that communication is relevant and contextual!

Other automated communications like Trigger Notifications , Tier Upgrade , Points Expiry maintain the overall balance and excitement of the program.

Business Owners can create their own Surveys on the fly - easy to create and configure. Awards and benefits can be linked to Survey respondents. The NPS Algorithm helps to know the Promoters, Detractors and Passive Customers!

iGainSpark Features
iGainSpark Features

Easy to configure Help Desk constitutes of Call Center , FAQ listing and Chat facility. The Business Owner can opt and configure any of the available help modes to make customer support for Loyalty Programs simple and easy.

We have a list of API ( Application Programming Interfaces ) to do the application information handshake with other systems of the client e.g. POS, e-Commerce portal or any other application which are to be made as part of the overall loyalty program implementation. We also custom develop APIs wherever required.

iGainSpark Features

Platform Variants

Platform Variants ON CLOUD - SaaS ON CLOUD - SaaS ON CLOUD - SaaS (Platinum) ON-Premise
FOR Whom Ideally suited for Single Merchant with Single Outlet Ideally suited for a Merchant owner having Chain of Outlets Ideally suited for different shops within a Coalition Environment Please call us or write to us for ON-PREMISE
Example e.g. Boutigue Showroom, A Restaurant etc. e.g. Chain of Restaurants, Chain of SPA etc. e.g. Shopping Malls -
Pricing Please Call or Write to us Please Call or Write to us Please Call or Write to us Please Call or Write to us
Loyalty Portal on Secure CLOUD YES YES YES YES
Unlimited Customer Enrollment YES YES YES YES
Configurable Loyalty Campaign YES YES YES YES
Gift Card , Referral Program YES YES YES YES
Integrated Communication YES YES YES YES
Loyalty Dashboard YES YES YES YES
Gamification I ( Campaigns like Auction Bidding, Promo Code ) YES YES YES YES
Gamification II ( Campaigns linked to Game to issue Points when played Games like - Tetris, Candy Crush, Sudoko, Maze ) NO NO YES YES
Survey Module NO YES YES YES
Social Media Connect - Sharing NO YES YES YES
Online Redemption Catalogue NO NO YES YES
Smartphone APP version
( For Customer and Merchants both Andriod and iOS )
Location Based Service (LBS)
( On Smartphone APP )
Automated Mailers
( Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Wishes )
Online and Email Support: 24X7 YES YES YES YES
( Includes Small customizations and enhancements )
Branding - Whitelabelling NO YES YES YES