Rakesh S. Jadhav Founder & Director

With over 19+ yrs of IT Consulting, Outsourcing and Product Development founded the company 4 yrs back. Every day comes with it's own challenges and learning's. Enjoys building and growing the business - piece by piece!

Sandeep A. Chitale Sr. Technical Member

Responsible for overall Product Design, Development and Support. Articulate and code freak! Likes bikes and hiking!!

Amit U. Kamble Data Analyst

Responsible for Data Analysis and Data Visualization using analytical tools. Quick learner and coding freak! Enjoys watching Movies and is a keen politics observer!

Ravikumar G. Phad Programmer

Responsible for Design and Application Development. Rustic and simple guy and is always packed with lots of stories to tell!!

Nilesh A. Choudhari Programmer

Responsible for Design , Application Development and Support of the Loyalty Platform. Soft spoken and sharp! Likes to shop online occasionally!