Pune based MiracleCartes (Miracle Smart Card Pvt. Ltd.), a solutions accelerator , with focus in Customer Engagement ( Loyalty) solutions for Small to Medium merchants, has been selected as an Application Development & Maintenance partner by a leading International Loyalty Management Consulting Company.

After being shortlisted from a list of 6 vendors, MiracleCartes met the Client team in Dubai for a detailed scoping and negotiation exercise. Rakesh S. Jadhav - Founder & Director of MiracleCartes considers this win as a huge opportunity for them to operate in different international markets having it's own challenges and complexities. He feels that winning this contract, has also demonstrated how they have evolved as a solutions company and hence is privileged to partner with the Client's growth story.

After the development period of approx 11 months, MiracleCartes will be involved in a multi-year Maintenance activity.

Note: MiracleCartes has signed an NDA with the Client Company, hence anonymity has been maintained regarding the Client Company till the appropriate time.